Just The Ticket

In this buzzing waterfront community, no company is an island.

Dive into the scene and mingle with the wider world over single origin coffee and artisan baking, farm fresh salads and Michelin gastronomy, taphouse beers and rooftop cocktails. Who knows where a chance conversation might lead.

I come back to socialise even when I’m not working. It’s a great mix of new cultures, young energy and old Dublin charm.

Siobhan McGuire

General Manager, Gertrude (3FE)

We love that our building is rooted in railway history yet part of a place that’s looking to the future. It feels like we’re in a destination and the city is growing around us.

Eoin Cluskey

Founder, Bread Nation (Bread 41)

There’s a sense of adventure and continental energy that you don’t get elsewhere. The water, the sea air – they make the place radiant and open, there’s always something new to look at.

Owen Doorly

Owner, Il Valentino

The confidence is here, the footfall is here, there’s a perfect balance of work, homelife and tourism. You don’t have to leave this area now.

Tom O'Brien

Owner, The Ferryman

This is where the sun rises and the city wakes up; though you feel in the heart of the action there’s a calming sense of space. The businesses and venues bring fresh energy into the place every day - there’s always something happening.

Chris Chapman

Entrepreneur & long-time resident

It’s so active here. You feel connected to the wider world and the waterways encourage you to be more involved in city life. There’s no other place where you can stroll from dock to park to beach in half an hour.

Ciara O'Donovan

Set Designer & Resident